Terms of Service for the State Administration Language Technology Platform Hugo.lv

  1. Terms
    1. Authentication – an electronic process, during which a provider of electronic identification services verifies electronic identification data of an individual to ensure his/her electronic identification.
    2. Centre – direct state administration body Culture Information Systems Centre.
    3. Hugo.lv – language technology platform for the state administration of Latvia.
    4. Administrator of Hugo.lv – direct state administration body Culture Information Systems Centre.
    5. Latvija.lv – state administration services portal www.latvija.lv.
    6. User – any person, who uses Hugo.lv and has/has not been authenticated.
    7. User account – personal workspace created by an authenticated user, where User’s identification and personal data required for the use of Hugo.lv is kept.
  2. General Information
    1. The purpose of Hugo.lv is to provide free machine translation services, a terminology management site and speech recognition tools for state administration bodies, as well as the Latvian and foreign nationals.
    2. These Terms of Service stipulate how this service may be used and are binding to all users.
    3. Hugo.lv is managed by the Centre.
  3. User Authentication and User Account Registration
    1. Any user is authenticated, when he/she clicks on “Log in”.
    2. The authentication is performed by means of Latvija.lv authentication solution.
    3. During the first authentication, the respective User Account is registered automatically.
    4. During authentication the User has to agree to the Terms of Service of Latvija.lv for electronic identification of individuals available at https://epakalpojumi.latvija.lv/STS/LVP.STS/Themes/LVP2/Agreement.html.
  4. User’s Rights and Obligations
    1. The User shall have a right to use any service provided by Hugo.lv free of charge to the extent it is available during the respective session (with/without authentication).
    2. Authenticated users have access to more Hugo.lv services. Information about Hugo.lv Terms of Service is available in the “Help” section.
    3. The User undertakes to:
      1. Read the Terms of Service and do not violate them.
      2. Not to transfer his/her User Account to another party.
      3. Not to take any action that would undermine the security, stability or performance of Hugo.lv.
      4. Not to interfere with the rights of third parties, including intellectual property rights (copyright, patents, trademarks, etc.).
      5. Refrain from taking offensive, insulting or unlawful action or from the use of rude language.
    4. If you have any questions about the use of Hugo.lv, please ask them to the Administrator of Hugo.lv by sending an e-mail to help@kis.gov.lv.
  5. Rights and Obligations of Hugo.lv Administrator
    1. The Centre shall have the following rights:
      1. Unilaterally block User Account or User’s access to Hugo.lv from the Internet Protocol (IP) address allocated to the User’s device (computer), if the security system is circumvented or damaged.
      2. To ensure safe use of Hugo.lv, impose restrictions on technological solutions that are used to receive this service (access protocols, versions of operating systems or browsers).
      3. To ensure safe use of Hugo.lv, impose restrictions on the size and format of uploadable content.
      4. Without any prior notice to the User change Hugo.lv services arrangements, the scope of services and information available to the User, as well as the functional and visual solution of Hugo.lv.
      5. Without any prior notice to the User and at any time amend the current Terms of Service or introduce new ones; these changes shall take force upon their publication on Hugo.lv.
    2. The Centre undertakes to:
      1. Ensure, that a User can access his/her User Account by means of Latvija.lv authentication solution.
      2. Ensure the confidentiality of language resources uploaded by the User, as well as their protection against unauthorized access, and to use the contributed language resources according to the criteria indicated by the User.
    3. The Centre shall not be held liable for:
      1. Any losses suffered by the User due to access and/or use of Hugo.lv by any third parties from the User’s account.
      2. Any losses suffered by the User due to the machine translation generated by Hugo.lv machine translator, as well as any documents, data, or any other content or information created by the speech recognition or speech synthesis functionality.
  6. Terms and Conditions for Resource Contribution
    1. Users shall have a right to upload language resources to Hugo.lv.
    2. This functionality is available only to authenticated Users with a registered Hugo.lv User Account.
    3. The uploaded language resources will be incorporated in language corpuses, and used for the creation of new language corpuses or improvement of the machine translator.
    4. Before giving his/her consent to the uploading of language resources, the User shall select their status (“Open” or “Limited”).
    5. As a contributor the User shall be responsible for compliance with any copyright or personal data protection requirements with regards to uploading of any language resources at his/her disposal.
    6. The Administrator shall have a right to process the contributed language resources before their use to perform a quality check and anonymize personal data, if any.
    7. However, the Administrator shall bear no responsibility for the contributed language resources or any legal assessment concerning the protection of their content. The pre-processing of language resources by the Administrator shall be performed according to their status selected by the User.
    8. Should the Administrator establish that a submitted language resource does not comply with quality criteria, is protected by copyright, contains personal data or classified information, the Administrator shall have a right not to use the contributed resource and to delete it.
  7. Miscellaneous
    1. Any dispute between the Centre and the User that arises with regards to these Terms of Service shall be settled by negotiation. If negotiation fails, the dispute shall be settled pursuant to the law of the Republic of Latvia.

Privacy Disclaimer of the State Administration Language Technology Platform Hugo.lv

  1. General terms and conditions
    1. The state administration language technology platform Hugo.lv (hereinafter Hugo.lv) is maintained by a direct state administration body Culture Information Systems Centre (hereinafter the Centre).
    2. The Centre ensures the confidentiality of personal data and implements appropriate technical and organizational measures for the protection of personal data from unauthorized access, unlawful processing or disclosure, accidental loss, modification or destruction pursuant to Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation).
    3. The Privacy Disclaimer outlines principles for the processing of Hugo.lv personal data at the Centre.
    4. For Hugo.lv Terms of Service see the “Cookies” section.
  2. Controller’s data and contact details:
    1. Controller – Culture Information Systems Centre, Registration No 90001708717.
    2. Contact details: Tērbatas iela 52-1, Rīga, LV-1011, tel. 67843084, e-mail: info@kis.gov.lv.
    3. Please use dati@kis.gov.lv to contact Controller’s Data Protection Officer.
  3. Categories of personal data
    1. Categories of personal data that are received by the state administration services portal https://www.latvija.lv, when data subjects complete their authentication in Hugo.lv:
      1. Identification data - name, surname.
      2. Contact details - e-mail address, if registered in the User’s profile at Latvija.lv (account of the data subject) in the “My workspace” section.
    2. Categories of personal data compiled by the Centre:
      1. Connection data – User’s IP address.
      2. Statistical data – cookies data collected according to Hugo.lv Cookies Policy.
  4. Purposes and legal grounds for processing of personal data
    1. The Controller processes personal data for the following purposes:
      1. Provision of state administration e-services.
      2. Maintenance of Hugo.lv User Accounts to contact users (if needed) for the purposes of providing e-services in a more efficient and user-friendly manner.
      3. Meet security requirements of the state administration and communication technology systems.
      4. Maintenance of the website and improvement of performance.
      5. Collection of statistical data.
      6. Investigation of complaints and disputes.
    2. Legal grounds for the processing of personal data:
      1. Compliance with statutory obligations.
      2. Protection of legal interests of the Centre.
  5. Recipients of personal data or recipient categories
    1. Recipients of personal data are the Controller and its authorized representatives, data subjects (about themselves), law enforcement authorities, judicial bodies pursuant to the law.
  6. Storage of personal data
    1. Personal data are stored as long as needed for their processing.
    2. When the processing purpose expires, personal data are deleted, unless there are other legally valid grounds for the processing of personal data.
  7. Storage of translated and speech recognition data
    1. The translatable text and any of its data subject to processing that are entered in the respective window, are deleted, when Hugo.lv interface is closed.
    2. Uploaded documents and any of their data subject to processing are deleted, when translation results are downloaded. If the User does not download translated documents, the uploaded documents and any of their data subject to processing are automatically deleted within five (5) days.
    3. Translation suggestions submitted by Hugo.lv users are saved in Hugo.lv.
    4. Audio recordings generated by the speech synthesis functionality are available for downloading as long as the speech synthesis interface is open - when the interface is closed, the data are deleted. Text available to speech synthesis is also deleted, as soon as the interface is closed.
    5. Speech transcriptions generated by the speech recognition functionality are saved in Hugo.lv and available for downloading for five (5) days. Link to the transcription of the recording is sent to the user’s registered e-mail address. After this deadline the transcription record, as well as any of its data subject to processing are deleted.
    6. The translatable text and any of its data subject to processing via the translation assistant Hugo.lv are stored in the system, until the User deletes them.
    7. The translatable text and any of its data subject to processing by means of the translation assistant’s translation memory plug-in (SDL Trados Studio) are available only to the User of the plug-in or those users that have been given the right to use the specific translation memory.
  8. Data processing principles
    1. The Centre will process the received personal data in good faith and lawfully (pursuant to the law), and will make them available only to the respective data subjects, data processors, and any third parties required by the law.
    2. Security and management of processing processes meet the statutory security requirements for state information and communication technologies, and the technological and management security is tested and controlled on regular basis during external audits (including hacking audits).
  9. Rights of data subjects
    1. Data subject shall have the following rights:
      1. Access his/her personal data and request their correction, if the data are non-compliant, partial or inaccurate.
      2. Receive his/her personal data (if processed) in any of the most popular electronic formats or as a hard copy.
      3. Request to transfer his/her personal data to another service provider (data portability), if possible.
      4. Restrict the use of his/her personal data pursuant to the law.
      5. Lodge a complaint about the use of his/her personal data with the Data State Inspectorate (http://www.dvi.gov.lv), if the respective data subject is of the opinion that his/her statutory rights and interests have been violated.

About cookies

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